Client Testimonials

"Thank you Ryan and Michael for your incredible work taking care of our tax filings. My wife and I have lived in 5 states and 2 countries in the past couple years, all while receiving income from over a dozen different states and provinces. Needless to say, our tax situation is extremely complicated, but with the help and expertise of Ryan and Michael we never felt overwhelmed during the tax season. Their timely responses to our questions, their thoroughness of making sure things were done correctly, and their ability to convey the information needed from us in terms anyone could understand were incredibly valuable and vital to our experience. In what is usually a stressful time, having Ryan and Michael makes life much more enjoyable!"

- Ben and Jessica Street, Colorado Avalanche (NHL)

"A special thank you to Ryan Guedel with CJBS. Thank you for your recommendation to the City Colleges of Chicago and Goldman Sachs 10K Small business program. With your help I made it through the selection process and passed the panel interview. Classes start next week. Your guidance in the past years has helped my companies raise revenue and become more efficient. I believe the chance to be in this program will give me the knowledge for growth to the next level of success. Thank you again, for your help and support."

- Mark Gerhardt, Mobile Vault Services, Inc.

"For over 20 years, Ted Joseph and CJBS have helped us through all the ups and downs of running a business; sometimes it's growth and acquisition - and sometimes it's just keeping the doors open. In every situation they provide calm counsel and expert services. And Ted's fun to have a drink with now and then..."

- Paul Frankel, President, Origin, LLC

"We would like to acknowledge the tremendous role that CJBS has played in the recent successes enjoyed by our company. We feel that the services they provide are truly the best in the field."

- V.A. Smith Company

"CJBS has served us well over the years. Their commitment and dedication aided us in achieving our financial goals."

- Deutsch, Levy & Engel, Chartered

"CJBS has gained our trust as we have learned to rely on the expertise of their partners. Repeatedly they have proven to be a valuable resource for our company and continually update us with the latest financial plans and ideas."

- Donohue Meehan Publishing Co

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