College Grads

If you are just beginning your accounting career, you are entering the field at a time when there is an unprecedented amount of opportunity, which means you have some decisions to make: Big-name firm? International opportunity? Boutique specialization? A move to a new city? As you consider the possibilities, consider CJBS, where a great environment awaits those who walk through our doors each morning.

The Right Size...

Small enough for you to be valued, large enough for you to gain broad experience. There's nothing better than firsthand experience to decide where you want to specialize. The scope of our practice mirrors that of many larger firms so that you have exposure to different practice areas and industries. Likewise, nothing beats the value of real work. At CJBS, you will never simply be a name on an organizational chart. Expect to be a contributing member of the team from day one.

We Want The Best...

For our clients, and frankly for us, we recruit the best to help us continue to grow the firm and add value to clients. We like smart, energetic people with a passion for excellence and intellectual challenge. In turn, you can expect excellence from us - in the form of compensation, benefits, a fun and rewarding work environment and ample opportunity to gain invaluable experience and advance within the firm.

Your Education Has Just Begun...

Think you're done learning? Think again. Accounting regulations, rules, laws and other issues are constantly changing. We invest in continuing education programs and training so that you can grow professionally, keep pace with industry evolution and better serve your clients.

Life is Short... Enjoy it.

Hard work is best accomplished in balance with family and friends, work and play. We believe a firm's health reflects the well-being of its associates - and our firm is healthy! We demonstrate our respect for one another by valuing individuality, while fostering a spirit of teamwork. You will find our work environment professional - but relaxed - and characterized by autonomy, freedom and flexibility. Our year is filled with annual traditions and impromptu gatherings that provide much needed moments to relax and refresh as a group.

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