Mergers & Acquisitions

Led by senior partner, Ted Joseph, the Merger and Acquisition team at CJBS prides itself on its proven track record of identifying target candidates, then matching potential sellers with appropriate buyers for business sales in a wide range of industries.

But the CJBS approach to mergers and acquisitions includes more than just putting a buyer and a seller together, we perform a business valuation, pricing the acquisition for sale and supervise the entire negotiation process. We creatively structure purchases and sales of businesses, utilizing tax planning to minimize tax liabilities, performing cost-benefit analyses and designing sales with structured earn outs to protect the seller from losing control of the business during the transition period. If requested, we can perform primary market research to identify trends and market segmentation, planning and forecasting the potential of a possible M&A target based on actual market conditions.

CJBS offers a customized and coordinated approach, to mergers and acquisitions, applying the professional experience and skill necessary to successfully serve as your advisors on all aspects of acquisition planning and integration. Our comprehensive process ensures that the decisions you make today will still be financially rewarding for years to come.

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