Personal Services

The experienced partners at CJBS understand the sensitivity of the issues involved in preserving, protecting, and growing assets - especially when a family business is involved. We help clients work through the multitude of complex concerns involved in attaining their personal financial goals with services that include:

  • Development of financial objectives and planning
  • Investment planning
  • Estate planning
  • Assistance in trust and will preparation
  • Development of Financial Objectives and Planning

CJBS works closely with clients, from entrepreneurs to executive officers, offering Personal Services that result in enhanced financial management strategies that will provide financial security. CJBS explores all aspects of the clients' current financial picture, gathering data, discussing future lifestyle aspirations, and examining life and financial goals to implement a strategy based upon specific objectives.

Investment Planning, Trust, and Will Preparation

CJBS provided professional investment and estate planning advice to help our clients attain their short-term and long-term goals. For business owners, providing for continuity and succession of ownership is essential, which is why CJBS guides clients through the complex process of getting their financial affairs in order. By managing effective estate and will planning, CJBS Personal Services facilitate orderly transfer of client's assets to their beneficiaries, providing security for the client's survivors and reducing or eliminating the tax due on the transfer of their business or other assets.

Estate Planning

The goal of estate planning is to maximize the estate assets, assuring proper disposition to the estate owner's beneficiaries. As an accounting firm, CJBS' familiarity with tax preparation provides extensive knowledge of constantly fluctuating estate tax and insight to the areas of postmortem tax issues relative to any personal circumstances. The experience of the CJBS team also includes providing accountings in the format required by the court for probate estates and trusts, ensuring a swift and satisfactory transfer of benefits and assets.

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