Tax Preparation & Planning

Income Tax Planning

The experienced tax planning staff at CJBS apply a comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing tax codes and laws to ensure that our clients receive all allowable tax deductions, credits and adjustments. CJBS offers a range of tax preparation and planning services to help manage our clients' income status, deductions, adjustments and payment preferences to help maximize all available benefits over the course of the year.

Estate and Trust Planning

CJBS provides services ranging from a detailed review of our clients' existing trust agreements to the proposal of a thorough estate plan. Our experienced professionals work diligently to ensure the orderly transfer of assets to our clients' beneficiaries, minimize tax penalties on the transfer of assets, and offer solutions that meet the intentions and goals of all trusts to be arranged in accordance with our clients' intentions and philosophy.

Corporate and Partnership Tax Preparation

CJBS will provide a platform for general maintenance of balance ledgers, profit and loss statements, and cash flow figures in order to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and minimizing penalties while helping clients realize every available tax advantage.

While partnerships as a corporate entity do not pay income tax, the profits pass through to the individual partners. This requires the careful preparation of all income and liability statements and returns. CJBS is dedicated to employing every advantage for each partner to reduce taxable liabilities and ease financial burdens.

Obtaining Tax-Exempt Status and Preparation of Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organization Returns

CJBS will work to identify and complete all applicable forms and clarify and negotiate the complex legal technicalities necessary to file for and obtain nonprofit status for our clients' organizations. Once established, we will ensure that organizational goals are met in compliance with all tax laws and regulations regarding nonprofits. We will also help to create and maintain documentation vital to the accurate and timely reporting of financial data to ensure the transparency essential to the viability and credibility of your nonprofit group.

Federal and State Representation

The staff at CJBS is experienced in the practice of representing individuals and businesses in the resolution of any challenges imposed by state and federal taxation bodies. Our tax preparation and planning specialists provide the assistance necessary for companies of all sizes and structures to confront the complex issues involved in various tax controversies and work diligently to arrive at the most favorable solutions possible.

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