Business Valuation

Would you know how much your business is worth when an opportunity or a crisis occurs such as a divorce, an impending sale of the business, the death of an owner or a sudden need for financing?

The process of business valuation is complex and serves as an essential element of proficient business planning. The result of that process provides a value relevant to the purpose of the valuation, whether it's planning ahead for the buy out of a retiring owner, determining fair market value for a divorce settlement or setting the asking price for a sale. Frequently, our Business Valuation Reports serve as the basis for expert testimony in litigation.

Here are some reasons why you need a professional Business Valuation:

  • Taking in a new partner
  • Getting a divorce
  • Build value for a potential sale
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Issuing stock options
  • Locked in a dispute with partners
  • IRS disputes on estate, business or gift matters

All of these circumstances require an expert determination of the value of the enterprise. Donald Schaffer leads the CJBS business valuation practice to assist you and your attorney in valuation matters. Knowing how much you can expect to get if you sell your business, or more importantly knowing how to increase that value, are the daily task of Business Valuation Specialists.

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