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As a professional athlete or entertainer, you require unique accounting services. Your needs include maximizing revenue, controlling expenditures, protecting your net worth, and ensuring your long-term financial security. The CJBS team can take care of all of that and more, and will always conduct your important business with the utmost discretion.

Our accountants offer tailored service packages designed to help busy athlete and entertainment professionals maximize their wealth and reduce their tax liability. We will guide you through complex salary negotiations, product endorsement deals, and royalties. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your personal financial condition both now and in the future.

We offer the following accounting and tax services to professional athletes and entertainers:

  • Contract analysis (financial & tax implications)
  • Audits of royalty, endorsement, and merchandising agreements
  • Cash management and bill paying
  • Preparation of all federal, state, and local income tax returns
  • Financial planning and tax minimization strategies
  • Real estate purchase, financing, and management
  • Retirement planning & wealth building strategies
  • Handling of IRS audits, inquiries, or issues regarding past years’ taxes
  • Consulting regarding a business opportunity’s potential profitability, cash flow & tax issues

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