Senior Living Accounting & Advisory Services

In the ever-evolving Senior Living sector, financial management extends beyond daily operations, touching on every aspect of facility management and resident welfare. CJBS stands at the forefront, offering specialized accounting, tax, and advisory services designed explicitly for Senior Living communities. Our commitment to ensuring compliance, operational efficiency, and strategic growth positions your business for enduring success in this essential industry. Additionally, CJBS provides thorough due diligence for those considering the purchase or expansion of a facility, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your strategic goals.

Our services cover the full spectrum of Senior Living operations, including accounting and bookkeeping practices, strategic financial planning, and tax optimization strategies. We understand the intricacies involved in running Senior Living facilities, such as the importance of precise cash flow management, budgeting for ongoing care, maintenance needs, and achieving operational excellence.

Contact CJBS today and let us help you navigate the financial landscape of Senior Living ensuring excellence in care.

Senior Living Accounting & Advisory Services

Senior Living Real Estate Management

Real estate management plays a crucial role in the Senior Living industry, encompassing property acquisition, development, and maintenance to uphold high standards of living for residents. At CJBS, we offer real estate accounting and advisory services tailored to the Senior Living sector. Our support includes financial strategies for property transactions, asset protection advice, and tax-deferral opportunities, like 1031 exchanges, to bolster your business’s real estate portfolio.

Personal Tax Services for Residents

Acknowledging the distinctive financial circumstances of Senior Living residents, CJBS offers personalized tax services to optimize their tax situations. We assist with managing retirement incomes, investments, healthcare expenses, and potential tax credits, providing residents and their families with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions. Furthermore, CJBS can set up specific time periods for residents to meet with a tax advisor to discuss their situation in person. Following these consultations, we aim to return with completed tax returns ready for signature within weeks, offering that in-person, individualized service to ensure each resident’s tax needs are thoroughly and thoughtfully addressed.

Tailored Financial Strategies

We tailor our tax planning and preparation services to meet the specific demands and aspirations of your Senior Living business. This includes deep dives into financial documentation to uncover tax-saving opportunities, advising on the financial aspects of Medicaid and Medicare billing, and structuring your operation for peak financial efficiency.

Enhancing Operations with Advanced Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge accounting technologies, like QuickBooks™, CJBS streamlines your financial processes. This includes everything from payroll to comprehensive financial reporting, designed to make your systems more transparent, efficient, and adaptable to the growth of your facilities.

Strategic Advisory and Regulatory Compliance

Beyond traditional accounting roles, CJBS serves as a strategic ally, advising on financial management, budget analysis, and cash flow projections to empower informed decision-making. We ensure your Senior Living facility remains compliant with all tax obligations and industry-specific regulations, protecting you from potential financial and legal pitfalls.

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Our services extend to protecting your business against financial mismanagement and legal disputes. With expertise in forensic accounting and litigation support, CJBS safeguards the financial integrity of your Senior Living community, ensuring a secure and prosperous environment for both residents and operators.


Selecting CJBS as your accounting partner means entrusting your Senior Living community’s financial health to experts dedicated to your success. Our comprehensive services, from real estate management to personal tax assistance for residents, are designed to meet the unique needs of the Senior Living sector.

We offer a comprehensive due diligence analysis that is essential in getting your acquisitions across the finish line. By reviewing the last 18-36 months of financials, it provides us with a wide scope of your specific needs and the ability to project based on historical data. We ensure that the numbers make sense and align so that you can continue adding assets to your portfolio.

Your Senior Living Accounting Expert

Jeff Stuart, a CPA and managing member of CJBS, has worked in the real estate industry since 1986. As an advisor to his clients, he analyzes and puts real numbers to their investment opportunities, so they can see the impact of different tax and financial strategies. Jeff enjoys collaborating with his real estate clients, who are often independent and entrepreneurial by nature, to help them map out a plan for success.

General Senior Living FAQs

How can CJBS support our communities with strategic tax planning?

We perform comprehensive reviews of financial documentation, identifying opportunities for tax savings, such as leveraging bonus depreciation or timing asset acquisitions strategically. Additionally, we offer guidance on the complexities of Medicaid and Medicare billing, ensuring accurate tax reporting and minimizing liabilities.

How can our business ensure compliance with tax regulations for Senior Living communities?

Our team ensures compliance by thoroughly understanding the real estate tax codes and regulations applicable to Senior Living communities. We prepare all federal, state, and local income tax returns accurately, reducing tax burdens and ensuring regulatory compliance. Furthermore, we stay current with industry-specific regulations, helping Senior Living facilities avoid legal and financial pitfalls.

Are you able to support us with our real estate needs as we acquire more properties?

At CJBS, we offer a range of specialized real estate accounting and advisory services designed specifically for the Senior Living sector. Our services include strategic planning for property acquisitions and developments, implementing asset protection strategies, and navigating tax-deferral opportunities such as 1031 exchanges. Importantly, we provide comprehensive due diligence services that analyze existing businesses and generate detailed reports. These reports identify potential areas of concern, aiding in making informed acquisition decisions and highlighting improvements needed for a successful investment. This due diligence ensures that real estate investments positively impact the financial health of Senior Living facilities, helping them optimize their property portfolios and manage their assets effectively.

What can you offer Senior Living residents for their taxes?

CJBS offers personalized tax services to Senior Living residents, assisting with managing retirement incomes, investments, healthcare expenses, and potential tax credits. We provide one-on-one consultations, during which residents can meet with a tax advisor to discuss their situations in person. We aim to return with completed tax returns ready for signature within a couple of weeks, offering in-person, individualized service to optimize each resident’s tax position.

Senior Living News & Updates

Stay current on the latest Senior Living industry developments and find out what it means for you and your business.

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