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Whether you need to pay your estimated tax payments online, need a copy of your IRS (Internal Revenue Service) transcript, or need to make a change to your child tax credit payments, you can take care of it quickly and easily through the links below.  

The IRS website also has valuable tools to help you find answers to frequently asked questions. 

As always, the CJBS team is happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us anytime.

IRS Tax & Estimate Payments

Pay your taxes or view your balance and payment activity.

IRS Payments

State Tax Payments

Look up your specific state, including Illinois, for information on how to pay your state taxes online.

State Payments

Check My Refund Status

Many 2020 tax returns have been delayed due to Covid-19-related processing issues. If you haven’t received your money, click here to check your refund status.

Check Status

Manage My Child Tax Credit Payments

Enroll, unenroll, or update your banking information for your child tax credit payments.

Manage Payments

Get My EIP Stimulus Payment

Check the status of your third Economic Impact Payment (EIP), or “plus-up” payment.

Check Status

Request a Copy of My IRS Record Transcript

Request various Form 1040-series transcript types, either online or by mail.

Request Copy

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