Mergers & Acquisitions

The team at CJBS knows that mergers and acquisitions include more than just putting a buyer and seller together. Instead, it involves an in-depth look at the complex issues and variables that arise during the sale or purchase of a business: cash flow projections, operations, systems, financial structure, legal issues, and personalities and culture of each business.

The experts at CJBS understand not only the business side of M&A, but the human side as well. We can assist you with developing a strategy based on expertise, objectivity, and organizational skills.

We perform the following services during the M&A process:

  • Execute a business valuation
  • Price the transaction
  • Supervise the negotiation process
  • Minimize tax liabilities
  • Deliver cost-benefit analyses
  • Complete primary market research
  • Perform planning and forecasting

Our comprehensive process ensures that the decisions you make today will still be financially rewarding for years to come.

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