Retail Accounting & Advisory Services

Retail is a competitive and often fickle industry. At CJBS, our friendly and collaborative team has real-world retail management experience, along with decades of tax and accounting expertise, to help you tackle your biggest challenges. Whether you need help with sales tax filings or efficiently scaling your e-commerce platform, our team has the practical strategies and industry-specific insights you need to take your business to the next level. 

Our retail accounting, tax, and advisory team works with a wide range of clients nationwide, from large retailers to mom-and-pop shops, and we always take a hands-on approach. From the start, we get to know you, your products, and your financial goals and structures. That way, we’re able to collaborate closely with you, helping you constantly improve your business and boost your profitability.  

Retail Accounting & Advisory Services


Do your financial reports match up with supporting documentation, such as bank statements and inventory reports? For cash businesses like retail stores, it’s critical to keep a close eye on your finances to help reduce the risk of theft or fraud. Our auditing and assurance team provides the analysis and insights you need to mitigate risk, and we’ll help you implement internal controls to close any gaps in your processes. 

Tax Planning

As advisors to your business, our retail accounting team offers proactive tax planning. Tax planning goes beyond compliance and helps you prepare for future business decisions. Are you planning on opening store locations in another state? Thinking of closing your storefronts and moving to strictly digital sales? Our team will help you understand the tax implications of these types of decisions — with an eye to growing your business efficiently and effectively. 


CJBS handles all your retail accounting needs efficiently and effectively — including bookkeeping, payroll, and general reconciliation of accounts. We also have the hands-on experience to help you find a point of sale (POS) system that works best for you. Working with clean, organized financial data allows our team to identify what’s working for your business and what’s not — from pricing and staffing to cost of goods sold (COGS) — by doing a cost analysis. And we’ll help you implement straightforward, practical solutions that save you time and money. We also provide financial forecasting and work with you to set KPIs specific to your business, then help ensure you’re meeting those goals and constantly improving. 

Advisory Services

Working as an extended part of your team, we support you with every aspect of your retail business, from day-to-day operational challenges to long-term planning. As a smaller firm with a large-firm presence, CJBS also acts as a “hub” for your business, providing you with tax and accounting experts across a range of industries and services. We also offer a wide extended network of trusted professionals, including bankers, real estate agents, and more. Grounded in a deep understanding of your business goals and structures, we’ll work to customize the perfect team for your business. 

Tax Preparation

Sales tax can be one of the most confusing — and stressful — parts of running a small business. The surge of e-commerce has only made the issue more confusing. Add to that constantly evolving tax laws and complex IRS language, and it’s tough for retailers to know where to begin. Our retail tax and accounting team has you covered. We touch base with our retail clients on a monthly basis, helping clarify IRS language and addressing any other questions you have, so you understand the rules and regulations that apply to your business. CJBS prepares your federal, state, and local returns accurately and timely, ensuring you pay all the taxes you owe — while also minimizing your tax liability and helping you avoid common pitfalls and penalties. 


Our retail tax and accounting team understands the day-to-day and longer-term challenges you face because we have extensive experience in retail management. By bringing together real-life knowledge with tax and accounting expertise, we’re able to give you the tools and insights you need to identify new business opportunities and create cost and time efficiencies. And we speak your language, so you never have to worry that something will get lost in translation. 

Your Retail Accounting Experts

Ryan Guedel is a partner with more than 10 years at CJBS. He enjoys collaborating with small businesses to find creative and effective solutions to their biggest challenges. 

Berenisse Espinoza had a 14-year career in retail management at a multimillion-dollar international business before becoming an accountant. She has a strong connection with her retail clients and enjoys collaborating as part of their team to help them meet — and exceed — their goals.

General Retail FAQs

Can CJBS help me with sales tax issues?

Absolutely. We’ll address all your sales tax questions, making sure you understand the rules and regulations that apply to you and taking care of your sales tax filings. Depending on your locality, the treatment of online versus direct sales may be different, and we can walk you through all of the nuances so you don’t need to become a sales tax expert to run your business.

Can you offer insights into my specific retail market?

Yes. CJBS provides you with real-time, in-depth sales market insights, including localized, demographic, and seasonal sales trends. Our retail team combines real-life experience with tax and accounting expertise, so we’re uniquely positioned to help you translate those insights into action. 

How can you help me select a POS system?

We understand the underlying POS system and how it integrates with your own accounting software. Is the POS system part of your accounting software or does it utilize an API? Does that mean transactions are posted nightly in batches? These types of questions can change the complexity of your accounting function, and we can assist in helping you make the correct decision for your business from the start. 

Retail News & Updates

Stay current on the latest Retail industry developments and find out what it means for you and your business.

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