CJBS Cannabis
Audit & Assurance

Our personalized cannabis audit and assurance services give your company’s stakeholders an independent verification of the accuracy of your financial statements. Moreover, they provide you with a deeper understanding of your cannabis business and key insights to address today’s challenges and see around the corner to plan for future success.

Audit & Assurance Services

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations of Financial Statements

Whether your cannabis business needs a financial statement compilation, review, or total financial audit—the most robust of the three—we provide you with the rigorous, third-party documentation and assurance that potential lenders or buyers require.

Cannabis Compliance Reporting

In Illinois, state and local cannabis compliance reporting involve producing financial statements and inventory analysis. We generate this important documentation, showing your business is upholding safety standards and helping you keep your license in good standing. (While reporting rules differ from state to state, CJBS is well versed in compliance reporting requirements in states across the U.S.)

Cash Flow and Cash Management Analysis

Capital can be particularly difficult to obtain in the cannabis industry. CJBS has established industry relationships that can help you generate funds. We also help you manage your cash flow during initial start-up and as you grow so you can decide how and where to spend your money effectively.

Internal Control Services

Our experienced team identifies opportunities that can enhance your internal controls. We work closely with you to optimize your policies, procedures, and overall efficiency.

Cannabis Audit and Assurance FAQs

Why do I need a third-party audit? 

Your individual business needs and goals will dictate the need for an audit, if one is not required by any third party. 

How do I know if I need a compilation of financial statements, a review, or a full-fledged audit?  

The extent of your audit depends on your business needs and goals, along with any regulatory requirements.

How often do I need to have compliance reporting done for my cannabis business? 

The frequency of compliance reporting depends on your specific locality and their reporting requirements.