Dental Practices

Michael Blitstein and the Dental Practice accounting professionals at CJBS understand the particular requirements of dental practitioners and have the experience to implement accounting strategies designed to maximize profitability while maintaining control over the numerous factors that contribute to the financial viability of any dental practice. Our Dental Practices Accounting team provides consulting and management advisory services including:

  • Growth projections and profit planning
  • Dental Practice Valuation
  • Budget analysis
  • Business and personal income tax services
  • Estate and trust planning and preparation
  • Bookkeeping services

Many Dental Practices are turning to QuickBooks accounting software in order to maintain control over their businesses, get timely and accurate budget analysis and maximize profits, as well as taking advantage of the range of informational tools available with this program. Our staff has the experience and expertise to offer QuickBooks implementation, training and support to both start-ups and well-established practices.

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