Management Advisory

Business Valuations

The experienced staff at CJBS offers a range of valuation services that have been effectively applied to a variety of company sizes and profiles. These services include: corporate valuation, gift and estate valuation, income tax compliance, buy/sell agreement valuation, limited partnership valuation and M&A consultation, as well as authoritative testimony and consultation.

Internal Control Evaluation

CJBS offers a range of advisory and consulting services in an effort to create solutions to support a company's efforts to limit the possibility of internal fraud, and maintain accurate and reliable financial reporting. Our experts will analyze and organize a range of accounting systems in order to increase efficiency, safeguard assets and records and restructure internal systems to both identify and prevent costly accounting errors.

Acquisitions, Mergers and Sales

Whether our clients are planning to sell a business, buy a business or merge interests, CJBS provides the essential information necessary to conduct the most advantageous transactions. From accurate business valuations to detailed review and reporting on complex financial statements, tax returns, sales history and a range of additional records, including liabilities and potential growth, the Advisory and Consulting team at CJBS provide the data and information critical to making the most advantageous business decisions.

Accounting Systems Analysis and Evaluation

The right accounting systems software is essential to maintaining optimum financial and organizational operation of our clients' operations. The systems analysis professionals at CJBS will analyze, evaluate and troubleshoot a variety of systems software and make recommendations designed to optimize the functionality and efficiency of any accounting system.

Deferred Income and Employee Benefits Planning

In order to recruit and retain the most qualified employees in today's job marketplace, companies must offer and implement benefits that will serve employees throughout their careers and beyond. The professionals at CJBS have the knowledge and experience to create programs designed to coordinate and implement qualified retirement and non-qualified deferred compensation plans combined with health care and welfare, compensation and comprehensive incentive benefit plans.

Employee Performance Studies and Evaluations

Flawed performance review procedures are time-consuming and ultimately costly to any operation. The experienced advisors at CJBS help to create individualized programs of performance review and revision that help our clients identify and modify procedures in order to meet the consistent and attainable goals established for the best possible performance.

Computer Services Including Acquisition, System Evaluations and Training

The software specialists at CJBS analyze our clients' current systems and recommend modifications or replacement solutions that will streamline and customize every operation. Our professionals offer comprehensive training for QuickBooks, the industry- leading accounting software program, that can coordinate virtually every component of a company's overall plan and provide solutions to enhance every aspect of the operation.

Development of Employee and Ownership Agreements

At CJBS, we design and implement programs and solutions designed to optimize the relationship between corporate leadership and employee engagement and participation in the business advances for which they are responsible. The provision of monetary and job security strategies as a benefit to employees can ensure continued growth, viability and valuation to our clients.

Assistance in Securing Loans, Including Negotiations with Lenders

Negotiating a loan involves complex and delicate considerations, balancing the interests of the lenders and the long-term goals of your company. A company's viability, growth potential and necessary cash flow relies on agreements with lenders that maintain the best interests of a profitable operation. The Management Advisory and Consulting staff at CJBS has the experience to provide expert analysis and the communications skills necessary to satisfy the requirements of the lender while optimizing the long-term benefits of our clients.

Financial Forecasting, Projections and Budgeting

CJBS can create a forecasting model based on detailed analysis of all financial statements, cash flow, recent and proposed future expenditures, pricing structures and anticipated market conditions in order to provide valuable projections and strategies that will assist our clients in the establishment of meaningful and attainable goals. CJBS can create individualized and customized solutions to accommodate the particular objectives of a range of companies.

CJBS has the experience and expertise to create viable and favorable forecasting and projection plans. Our staff will propose a budgeting strategy designed to develop reliable estimates, financing strategies for the future and the implementation of appropriate budgetary plans consistent with our clients' goals and objectives.

Business Development and Reorganizations

Given the volatility of domestic and worldwide markets, it has become essential that business adapt to reorganization strategies essential to maintaining their continued viability. The professionals at CJBS can help to create and implement a reorganization strategy in response to the challenges of today's business climate. Various means of transforming a variety of companies into more efficient and streamlined operations, restructuring of debt, and calculated downsizing are among the strategies that can keep our clients moving forward through the constraints of current economic realities and beyond.

Cash flow Analysis

In accordance with a detailed analysis of our clients' operational efficiency, CJBS experienced consultants support our clients' objectives by discovering opportunities to improve their company's cash flow in order to optimize efficiency, increase the bottom line, maintain greater control over budgetary strategies and improve their positions in order to best establish future goals and income projections.

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