Audit & Risk Services

The CJBS auditing group provides traditional certified financial audits, fraud and forensic audits, compliance and government A-133 audits, and a range of special purpose audits for defined projects and engagements. Our clients range from not-for-profit organizations to retail and wholesale companies, manufacturers, banks and other business and professional organizations.

Whether you are preparing for your very first audit, considering a change of accounting firms, or getting ready for a familiar annual event, CJBS has the experience and knowledge to take you successfully through the audit process.

What is an Audit?

An audit is an assurance service that CPAs provide to an entity's management to express an opinion on whether the financial statements of the organization fairly present, in all material respects, its financial position and operations, in accordance with generally accepted U.S. accounting principles.

An audit may be performed as part of an organization's commitment to fiscal oversight and best business practices, because of lender requirements, in order to satisfy government or regulatory requirements, or for reasons specific to the entity or those with which it is involved. An auditing professional is required to be independent in order to provide essential third-party reporting and an objective perspective.

What Does An Audit Entail?

The audit begins with our gaining an understanding of the organization and its internal control over operations. We recognize that each client has unique goals and circumstances and, in the process of learning the client's history and priorities, we strive to cultivate a strong and trusting relationship. Our audits are custom-tailored to the individual entity, and we seek to work closely with its management and personnel during the engagement.

Throughout the course of the this process, we are required to follow specific professional standards of the auditing industry. These standards involve planning the course of the engagement with the client, and include assessing and addressing the risks of material financial misstatement and a spectrum of related risks across a range of issues. During the fieldwork, CJBS auditors will perform various tests and procedures in order to analyze and accumulate evidence on which to base an opinion on the financial statements taken as a whole. Inquiry, observation, and documentation are key components of an audit conducted in conformity with required auditing guidelines.

We see our interactions with our clients as relationships, and we endeavor to establish and maintain open communication and mutual respect, even after an audit has officially concluded. We are always available as needs and questions arise. This continuity contributes to our ability to work with you to assess and navigate the opportunities and challenges your organization encounters from year to year.

To discuss your questions and how we can best meet the needs of your organization, please contact Andrew Lotts by calling 847.945.2888, or e-mail

Types of Audits

Business & Industry

As a business professional, you know that a solid financial foundation is critical to your company's health. At CJBS, we recognize that sound reporting and fiscal oversight are fundamental to this objective. Therefore, we offer a selection of diverse auditing services, customized to your particular needs.

We are familiar with the growing economic challenges in today's tough business climate. We help you navigate through these times in an effective, pro-active manner. Our goal is to collaborate with you by doing what we do best so that you can do the same: run your business.


At CJBS, it is our belief that organizations dedicated to the benefit of society and the public good are a valuable part of a healthy society. Our extensive work with not-for-profit organizations stretches across a wide and diverse array of sectors and organizational sizes. Our clients range from start-up local entities to well-established organizations with long histories and a range of national activities. Whether you are the director of a local sports club handling your own bookkeeping, or a seasoned CFO overseeing a complex reporting structure, CJBS is prepared to partner with you. The depth of our auditing work with not-for-profit enterprises enables us to help you address your opportunities and challenges in an informed, creative and transparent manner. Our approach strives to integrate modern technology with old-fashioned "just good business" in the process of providing clear prospective to real world issues.

Professional & Trade Organizations

Partnering with a knowledgeable CPA firm that understands the goals and requirements of a professional or trade organization is crucial to the objective of advancing the profession. The unique circumstances in the not-for-profit world of today requires a financial and tax partner that can analyze the business elements of your operations and offer insight about how to best meet the growing reporting-and-disclosure aspects of your particular environment. At CJBS, we are professionals ourselves and we recognize the importance of safeguarding the reputation and high standards of a field. To that end, our expert auditing team work with a variety of professional and trade organizations to balance the vital interplay between "in-house" resources and third parties to which they are responsible.

Special Purpose

Depending on the characteristics of your particular industry and a multitude of company-and-sector specific factors, your company or organization may find itself in need of a special purpose audit. Perhaps you are receiving government funds and must provide the funding body an A-133 compliance audit. Perhaps you are required to have a grant-specific audit for funds received for designated research activities. Or perhaps the internal governing body or the headquarters of your organization requires an audit report for a segment of the operations or for meeting bank related requirements. In these and other cases, CJBS can plan and perform audits to meet any specific reporting requirements.

Other Services

Compilations Reviews

For those companies in need of a less comprehensive engagement than a full financial audit, CJBS performs what are known as compilations and reviews. Compilations are limited to an aggregation of your company's financial data into financial statement presentation, without providing an opinion on those statements, based on testing and formal analysis. Reviews, which are assurance services substantially less rigorous in scope and procedure than audits, provide valuable third-party consideration of whether there are any material modifications necessary for financial statements to be presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. If your organization is not subject to requirements mandating a full financial audit but still needs "another set of eyes" to look over financial material, please contact us so we can help you determine which form of engagement is most suitable to your needs.

Start-up Companies & Initial Filings

Do you have a great idea but don't know how to best put it into formal organizational terms? Have you already started the wheels turning but are confused by the crossroads of where and how to file government, state, or other reports? Do you feel uncertain about whether you really "have all your ducks in a row"? If you are ready to take the next step but are unsure how to go about it, CJBS can help you maneuver through the process. Meeting your concerns with years of experience, we offer relevant information and answers to help you bridge the distance from where you are now to where you want to be.

Risk Management & Internal Control

In the wake of several highly publicized financial scandals and increasing threats to asset and data safety, tools such as risk mitigation and proper internal control procedures and systems are vital to safeguard the success of your organization. Once in place, these processes enable a company to obtain critical information and minimize risk before problems develop. Whether you are looking to refine and enhance your current strategy or are considering these issues for the first time, CJBS has the expertise to assist you. We realize that while internal control is important no matter how large or small your organization may be, one size truly doesn't fit all. Over the years, we have provided auditing services with businesses of various sizes to determine concrete risk objectives and design insightful common-sense approaches to meeting them.

Consulting & Special Purpose Engagements

In the course of your business activities, you may at times find yourself in need of consulting services or advice about matters ranging from general topics, such as best practices for handling and recording cash receipts, to more technical and complex issues, such as related entity transactions or the ramifications of various decisions regarding financial statement presentation and government reporting. The breadth of experience provided by the CJBS team enables us to deliver sound advice and help you work through these tough questions. Sometimes, our clients require a service that doesn't quite "fit inside the lines" of a more traditional engagement, such as a full financial audit or compilation. This may take the form of a specified analysis, a general business practices review, or other form or report requested for internal purposes or required by a third party, such as a bank or lending institution. CJBS can work with you to create a "custom" engagement that exactly suits your particular circumstances and satisfies either short term or long term tax or financial reporting requirements.

Accounting Support

The many demands of running a business and looking after its financial well-being can be very time consuming and stressful, especially for many of our retail or entrepreneurial clients who do not have full-time staff to assist with these responsibilities. Other times, transitions and mid-year turnover events can create disruptions in the flow of information within a company. To meet the needs of companies in these situations we offer additional accounting support such as helping reconcile account balances, teaching the nuts and bolts of entering data, and generating reports for financial audits. Depending on your particular situation, CJBS can provide assistance either as a one-time engagement or on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Just give us a call and we'll work with you to deliver a solution that's right for you and your company.

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