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While cannabis has gone mainstream, it’s still not legal on a federal level, and cannabis laws vary by state. As your cannabis tax and accounting partner, we specialize in navigating your specific legal and financial landscape.

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Our Core Values Guide Everything We Do

Our three core values — Trust, Collaboration, and Creativity — guide everything we do at CJBS, from our innovative client work to our interactions with each other. Our team has diverse personal backgrounds and specialties, but we share a common culture rooted in these values.


Trust is essential to all our work, but the stakes can be especially high for cannabis businesses, which face a higher risk of bankruptcy and IRS audits.


Close collaboration with our clients, matched with consistent and proactive communication, ensures that we’re always providing you with the insights, tools, and tactics for your cannabis tax and accounting needs.


Creativity allows us to solve our cannabis clients’ unique challenges, such as having few traditional banking options and no bankruptcy protection.


Our firm is guided by our employees’ integrity. In a burgeoning industry like cannabis, it is more important than ever to hold ourselves to high ethical standards, and follow through on what we say we’re going to do.


We operate with transparency by communicating to our cannabis clients with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect.

Your Cannabis Accounting Expert

Matt Bergman, CPA and CJBS senior partner, has been with the firm since 1997 and has specialized in cannabis accounting and tax services since 2015, when an existing client won a license under the Illinois medical cannabis pilot program. Matt worked hand in hand with them to help grow and scale their business, safely and efficiently. That business grew rapidly and was soon acquired by one of the country’s largest MSOs (multistate operators), and they remain a CJBS client to this day. Matt works with clients from small startups to the country’s biggest MSOs. After growing up in Deerfield, IL and Boston, MA, Matt lives in Wilmette, IL with his wife, two children, and three dogs.

Ryan Guedel, CPA and CJBS partner, has been with the firm for 10+ years, and currently works with clients in cannabis, real estate, manufacturing, construction, and distribution. Ryan coordinates due diligence engagements, carries out audits and reviews, and works on business development and taxation for the firm. A devoted professional, Ryan gives his all with each and every client interaction. His personal motto is “hard work and more hard work.” Ryan currently resides in Wheeling, Ill., with his wife Julie, son Cole Jameson, and rescue dog Pinky. He likes the area for its proximity to the CJBS offices. His hobbies include cheering on the NY Yankees, mixed martial arts, and motorsports.