Data Security Tips for Licensed Cannabis Operators

March 13, 2024

Data security is important from the very beginnings of your cannabis business. 

That’s because:

– Cyberattacks are rampant in the industry 

– Operators must stack multiple third-party integrations, making them vulnerable

– They have to be compliant with regulations to protect customer information (such as HIPAA) and 

– Cannabis businesses are criticized more often for business mistakes because they are a new, controversial industry  

During this webinar created in partnership with compli–a leading IT project management company in the cannabis industry–CJBS’ Ryan Guedel, CPA and Laurie Parfitt of LKP Consulting discuss: 

  • Data security common mistakes to keep in mind 
  • The value of training your team in IT protection 
  • Preventative IT measures, and  
  • Why you shouldn’t think of IT as a line-item, and instead an insurance policy 

Check out the full video below!