February News To Know

January 30, 2024

Dear Clients & Friends,

This year’s tax season is underway, and we are busy working on your tax returns for 2023. To that end, we have some useful information to share in this month’s newsletter.

Firstly, if you haven’t already, it’s time to organize and send us your tax documents. As a reminder, we require that individuals send us all their documents by March 18th to be able to meet and timely file your tax return by the due date and to avoid filing an extension. (Business client deadlines are sooner, so if you are a business client, please reach out to your CJBS team member to plan accordingly.)

Secondly, our Client Collaboration HUB is up and running for our individual clients and ready to help you make the process of getting your documents to us easier. Our individual clients who utilize the HUB, should have already received the invitation. Other methods of sending us your information include are via secure email, client portal, or sending in paper documents.

It’s important to gather all of the information you’ll need to optimize your tax filing. Utilizing the HUB, or our paper organizer, is the most efficient way to gather your documentation. Reach out to your CJBS team member if you are not sure which method is the best option for you.

As you begin to gather your tax documents, be cautious of potential fraud and scams. Here are some things to keep in mind when receiving tax documents by mail or electronically:

  • The IRS will never email you, they will contact you by mail.
  • Double check email addresses before opening tax forms from institutions.
  • Especially when they are asking for personal information to verify.
  • Be weary of “official” letters from the IRS, state or city.
  • Look out for misspelled names or improper grammar.

Keeping your personal information safe and secure is equally important to us as it is to you. CJBS provides several methods for sending and receiving secure documents including our Client Collaboration HUB, our client portal and our secure email upload “Sharesafe.”

Stay safe & healthy, 
The CJBS Team