Forensics is About Teamwork…

February 17, 2014

Larry Goldsmith

by Larry Goldsmith, JD, CPA, MAFF, and Julieann Chaet, CPA, MAFF

So much is always happening in each of our own lives.  We have our kids, our parents, our friends, our jobs.  We have the maintenance of our homes, our cars, and even ourselves, if we allow that.

The Forensics Team at CJBS can be broken down into these smaller pieces.  Each of us has our family, friends, and homes.  In addition each of us has our own unique experiences in our education, skills, and knowledge.

The bigger picture of the Forensics Team at CJBS is that we are a piece of our client’s team.  The Forensics Team at CJBS works with our clients and their attorneys.  We collaborate to bring our own unique skill set to solve problems and create solutions.

I was at a seminar last week, and received an e-mail informing me that a client needed to talk.  I called the client back thinking that it had something to do with the case.  Maybe there was new evidence that was found.  Maybe the soon-to-be ex-spouse decided to do the right thing and turn over all the information we were pursuing.  Or maybe the client needed reassurance that we were progressing and discovering hidden money or property.  The phone call was neither of those things.  It was a client who was going to her divorce hearing the next day and was scared.  It was a client that just needed to talk.  It was a client who needed to know that we, her forensic team, was doing everything possible to make her next day, the day of her hearing, as successful as possible.  We spoke for about a half hour.  I had been in those shoes in a divorce, and it’s not a nice place to be.  At that moment I was more than her forensic accountant.  I was her friend.   I was part of the team of professionals who would together make her next days as successful as possible with the least anxiety as possible, if that’s even possible.

The Forensics Team at CJBS is a group of people working together with our client and her/his attorney to achieve the best result possible for our client.  We are passionate for both our client and the quality of our work product.

Julieann Chaet, CPA, MAFF

Julieann is the Manager of CJBS’ forensic accounting and litigation services practice.

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Larry Goldsmith, JD, CPA, MAFF

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