Growing Relationships While Working From Home

May 29, 2020

From Intern to Staff, I have been with CJBS almost two years total and the growth we have undergone is astonishing. From merging with firms, expanding our office through construction, new staff, and now with the coronavirus pandemic, CJBS has maintained a level of communication and connection that is unmatched. With all the changes happening within our firm, it takes a team to get tasks accomplished. This does not come from rules within in the office, but from all levels wanting our company to be superior and provide the best service to our clients.

The abrupt transition to working at home due to the global pandemic has put our teamwork and communication skills to the test and I can attest to the successful outcome of what our company has achieved. Without the ease of face-to-face communication as we did in the office, we have had to be creative with our new lives at home. One of my favorite things that we are doing aside from our company wide video chats is the relaying of information across our company to show how well we can adapt and to prove how well we can communicate with each other. With the ever-changing laws, regulations, and programs, our staff is attentive to daily updates and making sure that we are all on the same page to help best serve our clients. As these changes are new to all of us, staff and clients alike, we have made it a point to ask the appropriate questions, to enroll in seminars, and to continue our learning.

On the bright side, we have also maintained and grown relationships in many ways within our office. Our staff is sharing their new “offices” with each other, having daily chats and hangouts, and to keep things light, we get to laugh with each other with jokes and funny moments. With all levels contributing to the success of this transition, we have been able to continue serving our clients to the highest standard from the office and now, from home.

Stay safe and healthy, and remember we will get through this!
Nick Sanft