It’s a Great Time to Make a Deal with the IRS

September 19, 2011

by Larry Goldsmith, C.P.A., J.D., C.F.F.A.

Just a brief note to let people know that this is an excellent time to work out unpaid tax obligations with the Internal Revenue Service.  I recently negotiated what I think are excellent settlements for two clients:

1. A real estate developer and contractor with $1,000,000 of payroll tax trust fund tax obligations settled for $20,000.
2. A real estate owner of apartment buildings had $400,000 of unpaid income tax obligations settled for $100,000.

My experience with the IRS program and the willingness of the IRS to accept reasonable offers and compromises make this a great time to settle tax disputes and unpaid tax obligations. Obviously, this will not work for everyone, but as you can see, the strong possibility of an advantageous settlement offers hope to many.

Feel free to call (847-945-2888) or email me if you have questions regarding your tax situation, or are backed up with the IRS and are considering your alternatives.

Larry Goldsmith