How Cannabis Businesses Can Navigate Tax Season

February 27, 2023

Navigating tax season in a federally illegal industry can be complicated. The CJBS Cannabis Practice Team is here to help. In this 20-minute webinar recorded in February 2023, CJBS Senior Partner Matt Bergman, CPA and LKP Impact Consulting Principal Laurie Parfitt discuss what cannabis businesses need to know as they structure their business and prepare for tax season. During the webinar, Matt and Laurie share insights about: 

  • Selecting and setting up accounting systems and software;
  • The importance of entity formation;
  • The nuances of IRS Tax Code Section 280E;
  • The differences in cost of goods sold (COGS) deductions for cultivators and dispensaries; and
  • Properly documenting financial activities. 

To learn more about how CJBS can help your cannabis business with innovative tax and financial solutions, click here to contact Matt. 

Watch the Webinar below: