New Directions (and Directors!) for CJBS

December 19, 2022

At CJBS, we take pride in nurturing our people and recruiting talent from within. So we are delighted to announce the promotions of five key members to director positions. This fall, we named a brand-new Audit Director and three new Tax & Accounting Directors (making five since summer!).

With their help, CJBS continues to strive towards excellence in service and innovation. As subject matter experts, each of our directors are strategic thinkers and the go-to for complex situations. We are excited to have them join a key part of our leadership team at this new level.

Our new Audit Director Gabriela Ursu has over 15 years of experience working with non-profits and small and mid-size businesses and bringing her expertise in assurance services and best practice consulting in internal control structures and accounting systems. She is passionate about
carefully listening and constantly learning to work out how to solve problems and find lasting solutions for clients and fellow professionals. Her promotion is a testament of her commitment to
“Perfecting her craft”.

New Tax & Accounting Director, Darren Jossel, combines technical skills with people skills. That has enabled him to take on increased firm leadership responsibilities. He has been instrumental in our recruiting process, including developing our intern program. Above all, Darren continues to exemplify the CJBS pillars of collaboration, creativity, and trust.

Gregory Roberts is another new Tax & Accounting Director who has a particular aptitude for building client relationships. He has enviable technical tax knowledge, and is great at training and mentoring junior associates, passing on his wisdom and expertise. In addition to his technical experience, he is also someone who embraces change and a new way of doing things, adding value, and bringing new ideas for implementing the firm’s processes.

His fellow Tax & Accounting Director Jerod Violett embodies our firm’s principles of creativity and trust and demonstrates this daily by constantly thinking about new ways to solve problems for our clients. His extensive knowledge of tax law enables him to be thoughtful about specific circumstances while thinking through multiple options to find the best solution. He is hard-working and dedicated and a great mentor and sounding board for his team.

Gregory, Jerod, and Darren join Ashley Lindstrom, who became a Tax & Accounting Director this past summer. Over the years she has always been open to learning and has become the “teacher”. She has a very good knowledge base, and if she is exposed to something new, she will dive into the deep end to gain the knowledge to become an expert on the subject matter. She will then share this knowledge with the other team members. Ashley is a great member of the team and a joy to work with.

We are proud and blessed to have a new generation of leaders and “teachers” within CJBS who all have different attributes that add to the team to create a talent-filled firm. As we look ahead to
2023 and beyond, we know the future of CJBS is in good hands.

The CJBS Leadership Team